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Reentry-Based Consultation to Employers

One of the most significant obstacles facing individuals possessing criminal history records is obtaining meaningful employment.  Unfortunately, many Pennsylvania-based employers do not have clearly articulately policies when it comes to screening prospective employees who possess criminal history records. 

As a result, many employers unwittingly and illegally issue either blanketed or arbitrarily contrived disqualifications to those possessing criminal history records without any consideration of the nature of the offense, the level of severity of the offense, the length of time that has elapsed since the offense, the efforts taken by the prospective employee to rehabilitate themselves, and the scope/nature of the position that is being sought.

It is for this reason that our firm offers nominally priced consultation to employers that are interested in developing reentrant-friendly screening policies, which are in compliance with Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Pennsylvania’s Criminal History Record Information Act (CHRIA), and any other applicable local ordinances. Moreover, we also provide reentry-based consulting to businesses that simply wish to ensure that their overall operations are friendly to justice-involved individuals.

In addition, our firm is newly exploring the prospect of providing formalized community liaison/reentry-based services to county prisons.  More information about this service, and the full scope of the resources that this encompasses can be found below.

Therefore, if you are a Pennsylvania-based employer that is interested in learning more about our firm’s reentry-based consultative services, please feel free to contact us directly at [email protected] or 717-623-2432.

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