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In the biblical story of Lazarus, it is said that he was entombed for four days and had been raised from the dead by Jesus. This miracle, witnessed by many Jews who had come to grieve with the family, inspired many to believe in Jesus as the Christ.

For many people possessing criminal history records and who are also subject to the vast number of collateral consequences that come with them, it is symbolically akin them being entombed or buried alive.  It is for this reason that we seek to raise justice-involved individuals from the dead by providing low-cost, pro se administrative support that will enable patrons to clear their criminal records (pardons and expungement) and/or commute their sentences (relating to those who are either incarcerated or under court-ordered supervision).

In addition, our firm also provides administrative support to individuals interested in pursuing civil action (pro se) against employers suspected of engaging in discrimination on the basis of one’s criminal history.  It should also be noted that we provide low-cost and non-legal consultation to Pennsylvania-based employers/companies who are interested in developing employment screening policies that are friendly to the justice-involved community and that complies with applicable local, state, and federal law.

Our firm also provides generalized reentry-based consulting that is results-oriented and that spans the entire gamut of the criminal justice system.  Lastly, our tertiary focus is to work collaboratively with county and state prison facilities for the purpose of more effectively bridging the reentry gap that exists between soon-to-be returning citizens and the community.

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